Ltd. "PIC"

The company was founded in 1991 as a transportation company that specializes in international transportation. Autopark form 20 trucks - mostly VOLVO and SCANIA. Goods are shipped to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia and other countries experienced and competent drivers. Successful development of business also contributes to the existence of its own production base, which includes working boxes, garages, car wash and repair workshops.

A very important activity is the delivery of the West produced chemical products in Russia and Belarus. Basically it is - raw materials for paint industry. The company has long-term contract with a world renowned chemical concerns, as KEMIRA, KRONOS, PERSTARP.

The company owns a large bonded warehouse in Daugavpils area of ​​14 800 m2 (4500 m2 - heated room). You can store a variety of goods - from raw materials for the chemical industry to the food. The undeniable advantage of the warehouse is its location near countries such as Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

Property of the company are also a shopping center on the street. Stadium 3, three indoor parking and currency items.


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